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Garrards Iron Horse Series updates as of July 17

Garrard's Iron Horse Series for this season is coming to its finale on 14th of August 2016 at Parkes Harness Racing Club meeting on that day.

The scoreboard can be found in this link: LEADERBOARD.

Both clubs, Dubbo Harness Racing Club (DHRC) and Parkes Harness Racing Club (PHRC) joined together to promote the series.

This point-score series, where horses earn points to be eligible for an invitation into the series, aims to rewards trainers for supporting meetings of DHRC and PHRC. The finals offers the cash prize and the RIO Meteor race gig with the very popular Pennsbury Scorpion Speed Wheels.

The leaderboard/scoreboard in Parkes Harness website is updated as of 17 July 2016. Dubbo Harness Racing Club will be posting the newly tabulated scores to include the point scores for the Dubbo Harness meeting on 18 July 2016.

Trainers can still earn points for the series with 2 more meetings to be conducted at Parkes Harness Racing Club.

Best of luck to the patrons!

For more information, please do send email to and/or to

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