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Dubbo-Parkes Harness IRONHORSE Series Update (17.7.2018)

The Garrard's Horse & Hound IRONHORSE Series that has been ran by Parkes Harness and Dubbo Harness Racing Club will conclude at Parkes Harness Racing Club on the 12th August 2018

Parkes Harness Racing Club - Dubbo Harness Racing Club Garrards Ironhorse Series 2018

Following is the current pointscores to 17.7.18

To get more points for your chance to win a Rio Meteor Racing Gig sponsored by Garrards Horse & Hound, Make sure to nominate for Parkes harness meeting tomorrow for Sunday's meeting, 22nd July 2018.

Snoop Stride (44) Jogalong Dee (44) Kyalla Stuart (43) Laser In Flight (40) Abercrombie Lisa (39) Cankickatarget (39) Red Hot Jerry (38) Harley James (37) Medonc (37) Sunscreen (37) Abercrombie Tab (36) Soldtoyoulady (35) Begging Me Please (32) Koloura Flight (32) Lorenzo Shannon (32) Shazan Shannon (32) Smack Dab Shannon (31) Taylah Studleigh (31) Karinya Mully (30) Siotada (29) Tooram Lad (29) Dont Tell Errol (28) On Angels Wings (28) Karloo Three o Three (27) Our Castanea (27) Diamond Thief (26) Kempley Princess (26) Mickilla Express (26) Studleigh Stride (26) Barlor Troubadour (25) Billy Braveheart (25) Gunna Cullect (25) Spanish Lustre (25) Usensation (25)

For clarification, please get in touch with Parkes Harness Racing Club Secretary via 0427415098.

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