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Congratulations to PARKES HARNESS Racing Club Race Meeting Winners - 16 July 2021

PARKES HARNESS RACING CLUB winners last 16 July 2021


RACE 1 - THE TAB APP PACE w: ROYAL FEELING d: Nathan Hurst t: Gary Eyre o: G Eyre, A Bellach, C Quade, T Quade, G Egan RACE 2 - THANK YOU TROY PETER PACE w: SHARP SHOOTER d: Nathan Hurst t: Nathan Hurst o: K Sharp, R Sharp RACE 3 - PARKES LEAGUES CLUB PACE w: DRIVE TO THE BEACH d: Steve Turnbull t: Steve Turnbull o: John Starr RACE 4 - TELESCOPE TYRES PACE w: GABBYS SPORTSTAR d: Nathan Hurst t: Nathan Hurst o: P Valentine, R Boyd, W Barker, K Hurst, B Roux de Buisson RACE 5 - PARKES FURNITURE ONE 3YO PACE w: REASON TO BE d: Jason Gaffney t: Jason Gaffney o: Lance Cobban RACE 6 - CUNNINGHAMS IGA MAIDEN PACE w: MISS NEA STAR d: Stephen Dowton t: Peter Lew o: J Costello, P Lew, P Sullivan RACE 7 - PARKES BETTA HOME LIVING PACE w: ROCCO VARIETY d: Mat Rue t: Josh Powderly o: J Powderly, C Powderly

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