Parkes Paceway Runs the 11th Year Of JOE DUMESNY Memorial

This year's running of the Joe Dumesny Memorial will be the 11th edition of the event and will be held at the Parkes Paceway on Sunday, 23rd February.

The 11th year of Joe Dumesny Memorial at Parkes Paceway this 23rd February 2020

The event is in memory of the late Joe Dumesny who was a leading breeder, owner, trainer, and driver throughout the Western Districts of NSW.

Joe's colurs of brown and green stripes were carried to victory by many prepared and presented horses on almost every track in the district, and even as far afield as Harold Park, Sydney.

Joe's passion for harness racing lives on through his nephews and nieces, great nephews and great nieces (including in-laws):

The Dumesnys - Bruce, Craig, John, Tony, Brittany, Kate, Michael, Sarah, Tracey, Wendy, and Kevin.

The Dwyers - Janene, John, Anne Louise, Charles, Lara, and Matthew.

The Townsends - Andrew, Stan, Nathan, Stacey, and Sue.

Joe Dumesny Memorial 2020 - The Townsend Family

The Jone's - Colin and Keith Jnr.

and Tony Deland, Matthew and Michael Leary have all been successful as breeders, owners, trainers, or drivers.