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Best of Luck to Parkes locals this weekend

A number of horses and Parkes drivers are racing this weekend, most of them are running in Dubbo. Best of luck to all!

SATURDAY | May 14, 2016


i. RACE 1 | 6.08pm

Pedro Joy (owned by Brian Cunningham)

SUNDAY | May 15, 2016


i. RACE 3 | 3.17pm

Our Reba Rose (Malcolm Hutchings)

ii. RACE 4 | 3.55pm

SportyBelle (Ricky Hunt)

SportyShannon (Terry Powter)

Wise Goddess (partly owned by Bill Palmer)

Gran Lema Girl (Bruce Dumesny)

iii. RACE 5 | 4.33PM

Mod Cons (Terry Powter)

Homestead Lad (Brett Hutchings)

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