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Lachlan Valley Vet Clinic Holds A Gastroscoping Day on 21 June

Lachlan Valley Veterinary Clinic will be holding a gastric scoping day in Forbes on Wednesday, 21st of June.

Lachlan Valley Veterinary Clinic To Host Gastroscoping Day on June 21 2017


- weight loss

- poor performance or not finishing off when racing

- poor appetite including fussy or picky eating habits

- behavioural changes, ie, wind sucking, crib biting, irritability when saddling, teeth grinding

- mild colic signs and/or uncomfortable stomach area

Lachlan Valley Veterinary Clinic Gastric Scoping Day 2017

Equine gastric ulcers syndrome occurs in up to 90% of race horses and 60% of pleasure horses with almost 50% of cases not showing any clinical signs

Lachlan Valley Veterinary Clinic in conjuction with Randlab, will be holding a gastric scoping day in Forbes on Wednesday 21st June.

Your horse will be sedated and its stomach visualised using a gastroscope; a specialised 3m long camera. This will enable us to provide diagnosis of gastric ulcers.

WHEN: Wednesday, 21st June

WHERE: Lachlan Valley Veterinary Clinic, 50 Sheriff St., Forbees

COST: A small fee of $40 will be charged to cover the cost of sedation required to perfom the gastroscope. There will be no charge for the gastroscope saving up to or over $250.

The clinic will be offering a 10% discount for Randlab ulcer treatment products purchased on the day.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Contact the clinic on 02 6851 1100 for an appointment. There will be a limited number of appointments available for this day, so please book ASAP to not miss out.

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