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Congratulations to PARKES HARNESS Racing Club Race Meeting Winners - 22 November 2020

PARKES HARNESS RACING CLUB winners last 22 No 2020


RACE 1: PARKES FURNITURE ONE PACE w: KISSNTELL d: Jeremy Lamb t: Billy Evans o: John Evans RACE 2: TAB ODDS & EVENS PACE w: IM MAJOR HARRY d: David McKenzie t: Nathan Hurst o: Tulhurst Racing, etc RACE 3: PARKES LEAGUES CLUB PACE w: BEAST MODE d: Mat Rue t: Mat Rue o: P Nugent, etc RACE 4: HBD BERNIE & BILL PACE w: GOTTA PARTY DOLL NZ d: Isobel Ross t: Amanda Turnbull o: Sandy Lodge, S Hunt

RACE 5: PARKES BETTA ELECTRICAL PACE w: CASSIUS DECK d: Steve Turnbull t: Steve Turnbull o: Douglas Johnston RACE 6: OHOKA PUNTER MAIDEN PACE w: FAST EDDY d: Jason Turnbull t: Wendy Turnbull o: Ray Thacker RACE 7: BYRNE CLOTHING PACE w: FOR FOR THE ROAD d: Olvia Frisby t: Nigel Frisby o: N Frisby, etc RACE 8: MEDLYNS CASTROL PACE w: AWESOME OLLIE NZ d: Nathan Townsend t: Grant Jones o: G Jones, etc

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